Friday, March 10, 2017

Foxes meeting now

 Foxes foxes, oh why can't I get enough of them?!
They  are creatures shrouded in mystique.
Creatures raising ambiguous feelings. Folktales make them sly and greedy scoundrels.
Native Americans see them as positive beings, associated with fire and sun. Eastern mythology tells about the immortality and foxes ability to turn into a woman. This is one of the inspiration sources for my graduation film "Under".  
There are some things every fox enthusiast should know:

....A group of foxes is called a skulk or leash.

....Foxes have whiskers on their legs and face, which help them to navigate. They also use the magnetic field for that. 

....Grey foxes can retract their claws like cats do.

....A male is called a "dog fox" and  a female is called a "vixen".

....Foxes have  a lot in common with cat. The solitary way of living,for instance.

....Their pupils are vertical, similar to a cat, helping them to see well at night.

Have you ever heard the blood chilling bark of a fox? I have, at night. I had no idea then what was making that sound outside my window in Denmark. And it gave me a good fright. See and listen here.

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