Thursday, January 12, 2017

Mr. Miyazaki and Ghibli

So now you see the second reason why the last day was very special. It was like a cherry on a cake for our trip. We were on our way to visit my friends and later the Ghibli museum when we saw Hayao Miyazaki walking towards us. In case you don't know who he is, read on here.
One does not get to meet this man often in the public I was told. 
There's not much to tell, except that everybody was exited and Mr. Miyazaki was very calm, but smiling a lot and waved to us on his way back to Ghibli studio.

 What a day. After the great home made lunch we find ourselves in the Ghibli museum. No photos were allowed inside, but only for the best. People simply have to see it for themselves.
The next three photos were made on the roof of the museum.
Later we had coffee and cake in the cafe of the museum. We saw a guy drawing chocolate hats on top of the coffee all day long. I am a bit worried about his back...

And the day was still not over! On our way to hotel we made a detour and visited Kakusenen shop, specializing in succulents.
 We saw some wonderful plants. Also some amazingly high prices. I had no idea that localy bred haworthia can be that expensive. 
And the ceramic pots were a feast for the eyes and hands equally.

Clown fish from Sumida aquarium in Tokyo making it's bed. 

That's all from our trip to Japan. I hope you enjoyed it too :-)

Good night.

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