Monday, January 30, 2017

Green winter forest and ice trees

The winter migration...
There has been a thick fog for two days and I missed the chance to take a photo. Well, but something even more curious happened. The fog settled down on every surface and gradually froze. The trees turned into elegant music instruments of glass. There was the shimmering sound of the branches.

It looks like a bad print, where the colors are not aligned.
And no ice in the forest. It was still very green. I could make out where the violets grow and even pick some oxalis acetosella.
And the moss seemed to still be growing...
But the most beautiful were the sponges and lichen. With no snow and lush green they were exposed to behold.

The perfect tree house.
These are roots on a path. But I like it this way more.

There are two books on lichen in Estonia. Both in Estonian and English.

Even rotting away is done in grace.
The swamp of milk.
We saw the doings of woodpeckers. But the birds couldn't be seen or heard. 
This is the second time I find a pile of feathers of a woodpecker. No bones, no blood. These birds like to get busy close to ground and probably all that head banging doesn't really help to look out for predators.

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