Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Travels in Estonia. Part 3

 Our traveling marathon continues. This time we aimed for the Northern Estonia and the parts, famous for the mining.
 First stop at the Estonian mining museum. They did such a great job turning the main building into an attractive/interactive exhibition hall. 
 One could have a private tour on the history.
 I am not sure I even want to begin to imagine the machine that operated this digging part.
 And now, some portraits of the underground. We went 78 meter below surface. A nice steady 7 Celsius degrees. Fortunately we were all provided with warm jackets and helmets.
 The guide turned on some of the digging machinery. One was excruciatingly loud and did some scary moves.

 Did they deliver pizza back then too???
 When already underground, we took a short (thanks God for that!) ride in this little train. Four people had to go in through each of the openings. Extremely tight, and we were mostly women and kids.
 Leaving for Viinistu I stopped to gawk at the hill of mining waste in Püssi.
 Next stop is Palmse manor. Gorgeous baroque building and surroundings. There were actors wandering through the rooms, dressed in outfits appropriate for the time.
We glimpsed one of the ladies hiding her smartphone in the lush skirts when we entering one of the rooms.

 I have never had a ride in a carriage pulled by ponies. They look so funny when trotting with a carriage a few times their size.
 Finding out some sad facts of life here.

 One of the buildings serves as a cafe now.
There is also a hotel, that used to be  steward's house back in 1820's. I really wanted to spend the night there, but we've decided to head for the seaside instead (find out more in the next post).
 There was a also a ghost room. The guide was very kind to make it less scary due to our small ghost enthusiast. He told us that otherwise there were some 5th graders crying before...
 A fancy night potty.
 A treat for those who are interested in maps. There was a study with one wall covered in a huge hand drawn map. Wonderful work!
 This ain't a painting!
 Ah, these people even had a private palm house.
 OK, this one is also a resident. Have you ever seen a toad sneak hurriedly? Spectacular!

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