Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Traveling around Estonia. Part 2

Estonian open air museum has an equivalent in Rumšiškės, Lithuania.
I think it's possible to spend a whole day there-the area is huge!

Sometimes a view into the bay would open. Creating an odd sensation of being in two dimensions of time simultaneously.

A fragment of a straw roof. I have always dreamed of  living in a house with such topping.
There was an exhibition of ceramic art pieces in one of the older houses.
Hanna was a bit uneasy about this fence for some reason.  What can I say, she is a free spirit.
If I remember correctly, this bed was inside one of the Russian houses.
The floor in this room was all covered in white rag carpets. OK, I get it, it's dark for most of the year in Estonia, but how did they manage to keep the carpets unsoiled? Somebody must have had a full day job of keeping those shoes from getting in here and staying in the hall.
Coffee machine? Ha, so last year. These people had a tea machine!
A resident in the museum.
A tea towel. This drawing could totally pass for a tattoo.

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