Friday, March 11, 2016

Lessons in natural history

 Finally we've made Tartu our home. For now. 
It was probably the worst time of the year to move to a country, where days are 30 minutes shorter.
I am really down right now. I'm even toying with the idea of creating a sarcastic blog on how everything is wrong in Estonia. But there is one already and it is plenty.
 Me and Hanna visited Natural History museum in Tartu. I think my kid got mixed feelings. She was very interested, but afraid of some things, like bones of an elephant, or the huge stuffed European bison that did not stand  behind a glass.
 She understands the concept of bones. Thanks to the kindergarten!

 There were some alive things too. Mostly reptiles.
 Once I had an idea to collect all weird or funny stuffed animals in museums. The older the creation, the uglier it looks. The art of taxidermy is still evolving, I think.

 Some faces were nightmarish even for grown ups.

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