Friday, March 18, 2016

All these toys

 It seems me and Hanna are having a museum marathon here in Tartu.
This time it was the toy museum. 
 Really cozy place with wonderful collection.
 My grandparents used to have this record player. Unfortunately they got rid of it when moving.

 Hey, all knitting friends, pay attention here!
 There were so many funny, creepy things, I wanted to take photos of all of them. But then who would look at them. So, as I was more or less stuck to one room (my daughter got glued to a big horse with real horse hair) I decided to collect dogs and creepy dolls. 

 Probably my favorite!

 The very realistic horse Hanna loved.

 I have never seen such swans in Lithuania. Aren't they wonderful?
 Oh, I remember these inflatable toys! There used to be talk powder inside, to keep the sides from getting glued together. I couldn't see my animals here though.
 If you go to Tartu, I think this museum is a must! They also have a huge and cozy playroom upstairs.

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