Thursday, January 21, 2016

I fell into the hole called monotype

I remembered the old good monotype. We used to have fun with it at school. Thank you, our print teachers, if you ever happen to see this post!
But this time, instead of drawing I tried to paint.
All you need is a piece of glass, print paint (oil or water based), a rubber roller, brush, q tips and a rag.
I made the dog this way:
first I rolled some paint onto the glass, then I cleaned everything around the dog, just leaving it's shape. I was gonna make it look all shiny, with muscular structure, but my water based paint dried up very quickly and I used the same roller to press it. It would be ideal to use a press. It's possible to build your own at home if you got free space at home. Google DIY bottle jack press.
So, the q tip painting did't work out that well. I have to use oil based paint next time-it takes time to dry.
Next step was just to paint on the glass and experiment. The results were unexpected each time. I love how the strokes appear. I am not bragging, because the result doesn't depend on me much. Not yet at least. The lined texture comes from the scratched Plexiglas.
 A fox and a deer head.

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