Thursday, January 7, 2016

A group portrait

 I started enjoying group photos of plants. It allows people to judge the size of different orchids. And it looks different than one orchid photos. Maybe not very "professional", but more fun definitely.
From left to right:
Cattleya Slc. Hsin Buu Lady "Y.T.Beauty"
Phalaenopsis mini noid
Phalaenopsis noid
Paphiopedilum glaucophylum
Phalaenopsis "Cassandra"
The last one emits very nice fragrance.
 For me the hybrid Phalaenopsis is not the easiest plant. Yes, they bloom several times a year, but I never manage to get more than 6 flowers at a time. It could be it's the genes, too. 
Whenever you buy a hybrid Phalaenopsis, choose the ones with as many flowers as possible. Best of all-with the branching flower stalk. It means the next time it blooms, if the conditions are right, it will put the same show again.
Whereas if you buy a plant with only four flowers, it could be, that is all you will ever get. But of course, the plant might get stronger as it gets older. Short said, these are living organisms, not machines. But even those do not always function properly, right?

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