Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Hands and a gallery

 OK, it's either orchids or my daughter's back I have been posting mostly. So, here are some tiny hands instead.
 These photos are from last summer when we visited the contemporary art center. I love these kind of exhibitions. Where things leave an impression, make you feel in a certain way, or when art is interactive. There were huge antlers in the yard.
And above is my family watching an animation, featuring one of my favorite Lithuanian illustrators.
This piece of art had live pigeons inside. And it gave me the creeps. Somehow my brain connected this with the next to the last scene from the film "Hunger". Where pigeons flap their wings frantically  in the attic while a character played by Catherine Deneuve is aging thousands of years.
A little workshop in the center.
 One of the best views of Vilnius.
Hanna and her pop up books. One is a doll house actually.
 This one is a bit creepy, but she do not think so yet.
 We glued a hundred or something pieces of silk paper. Just made a letter for dad.

 She had her butterfly period, the pony period is still there, and now the dragons are the thing! My child is demanding  wings and to fly high.

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