Monday, July 6, 2015

Once upon a time in Utrecht and Den Haag

Almost as soon as we got out of the main rail station in Utrecht, the town greeted us with the market. 
I was mostly impressed with the fish stalls. We don't have great seafood in Lithuania... I really wanted to have some oysters,but I refused to eat them without wine. Next time then.
The famous waffles. I brought them home. But arg, damn the globalization. They were sold at supermarkets at home, too. Even cheaper than in Holland!
Peonies and roses.
A bike for the Tour de France.
I never manage to take or be in photos where people are coming towards the camera. 
Window shopping with Ksenija.
A cool flea market kind of shop. I am amazed I left it empty handed.

Dutch people transfer multiple kids, dogs, luggage, plants etc on their beloved bikes. Ksenija was positive I would travel this way to the train station. Holding my 10 kg trolley bag with one hand and pedaling away. No way, I am not that confident.

Dotty textile all over the town.
A fountain in Den Haag.
A heron is waiting for a stray fish from a restaurant. he was very still, probably hoping we wouldn't spot him.
But people did...
A modern dutch sculpture exhibition in a park.

Ksenijas birthday was celebrated with Cava on a bench near the canal and on the beach.
Birds out of place again.
The monsters on the main beach.

We were wondering who was the architect, responsible for the monstrosity on the beach. The apartment houses were next to a beautiful historical looking building.
The kibbeling at it's best!

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