Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Reppoting laelia anceps var. guerrero

 I was a bit surprised to find out that laelia anceps var.guerrero is quite a large orchid.
It has arrived all the way from Italy.
 I could see it was in a very good shape, with new roots hanging over the edge of the pot. This plant has the habit of growing pseudobulbs spaced far away from each other. A real headache when reppoting.
 There were no rotten mushy roots!  And quite a few bits of bark had to be left alone. 
As it arrived in a plastic pot shaped basket, I decided to move it to a new plastic basket. Unfortunately I had no coconut husk left, so I used a potato sack. Ugly as hell, but I plan to stuff the sides with sphagnum moss. 
The string keeps the orchid from wobbling.

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