Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Just some details

Believe it or not, but I have seen such dog in reality. OK, in TV series... It just strolled by. I had to rewind and and have a closer look. An amazing shape. Papillon, I suspect.

I think I have been pronouncing the word "detail" wrong all this time. The punctuation should be on the last vowel, not the first. At least in the American English. The one I am leaning towards.
 Hanna's messy book shelves. And not all the books fit here.
 I had the flags set up for Christmas and they never came down. Why shouldn't it be a holiday every day?
 An original page from an old Swedish bird book. Prunella modularis. Or järnsparv. Such a clash of sounds in these two names.

 Tillandsia usnesoides. No roots yet. I forget to soak it every day.
Other tillandsias that are a bit more forgiving.

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