Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Orchids in December

Very funny.. This post is the 666th post in tis blog.
 But it is about more flowers to see when it's all grey or white outside.

 Dendrobium nobile hybrid. 
 Cattleya hybrid.
 Cattleya hybrid.
 I couldn't resist these interesting blossoms. 
 Two different phalaenopsis orchids. Cassandra above and mini hybrid lower.
I got a bit crazy about slipper orchids. Very different from dendrobiums, but as much fun.
I just hope they will survive the cold window sill. 17 degrees Celsius at night, sometimes as low as 15,5!


Martyna said...

Beautiful orchids i keep killing them .

Reda said...

Maybe you kill them with too much care and love? One just needs some idea what the specific plant needs and to leave it alone. Easier said than done, right?