Monday, October 27, 2014

Orchids like this and like that

 Many are probably mostly interested in the flowers of the orchids. I care about the body of the plant equally. Especially because  the blossoms last for 10 to a couple of months. And then you are left with the leaves, stems and pseudobulbs.

Oncydium Sotoanum. Smells like chocolate wrapper. That's right, not the chocolate it'self, but the wrapper. This one, I must admit, was purchased for it's flowers. I fell in love with that cascade a couple of years ago in an orchid seminar.

 Dendrobiums and their spectacular bodies. From left to right> D. Lindleyii, D.Pendulum and D.Gracilicaule.
 Hairy legs of Dendrobium  Hsinying Frosty.
 And hairy elbows too.
 Dendrobium Lindleyii has compact pseudobulbs. They say this one is a tough nut to bloom.
 Huge pseudobulbs of Oncidium Sweet Sugar. Almost 10 cm high. Growing two flower spikes at the moment. 
By the way. I didn't cut the leaves. The fell off leaving this very decorative markings on top of the pseudobulb.
Looking through Dendrobium Berry Oda stems.

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