Wednesday, October 15, 2014

New location for tillandsias

This post probably sounds like a total nonsense to people, who don't give a damn about plants. Well, for many it could be very interesting.
My tillandsias spend summers outside in the balcony, sitting among some orchid pseudobulbs.
In winter they do the same, just inside. 
Some of them have been blossoming and growing pups. The block in the photo below is covered in roots.
 But it seems the new plants leaves aren't capable of making the same nice curve as the adults have.
I thought it's due to under watering, because I only spray them. And only occasionally.
But then I got an advise not to soak these species as they could rot easily .
Hanging upside down is also totally OK, even preferred. This way the excess water runs out easier.
I have also hung them on a fishing line near the windows. Because I suspect they had too little light. And I can enjoy the view instead of looking for my tillandsias in an orchid bush...

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