Thursday, October 2, 2014

August and September

 All the interesting mushrooms in the forest. In shapes of black deadly flowers, white buttocks and umbrellas. 

 There are two mushrooms that look very similar. One is edible and tastes like meat, the other one would probably be tasted once...
 Behind the street of Germans in Vilnius...
 Air balloons lifting from a very small space almost each evening the whole month.. Spectacular! But Hanna was a bit worried.

 A sad sad photo...
And now the Lithuanian series.

 Kernave the five hills.

 A bit more mushrooms.

This light have been making me all happy for very many evenings now. I wish I had a good camera.

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Unknown said...

Pirmieji grybai nuotraukoje (juodi) tikrai nėra nuodingi. Tai trimitėliai: Lietuvoje nėra juos įprasta rinkti, bet jie visai įdomaus skonio. :) Be to Prancūzijoje jie laikomi delikatesu. :)