Saturday, September 27, 2014

Plant show in Raudondvaris, Lithuania 2014

 The post is for those who really love plants, cause there are a  million or so photos coming.

Ah, I feel so energized and happy. I left my family at home in Vilnius and headed for Kaunas, where the plant exhibition Zali horizontai was held.
It was so fun to watch how people react to different plants. If it was the first time they acquainted themselves with lithops, usually it took some time to even notice the plants. And then they would call out to their friends to come and look at this wonder.

 The most elegant collection presentation.
 Frithia flower peeking out.
 Oh I love that ghostly euphorbia.
 I like to look at cacti, but I would never have any. OK, I am lying, I have one, but it has no thorns..
 My passion starts with this haworthia truncata here...
 A cozy small cacti display.
 This crassula was tiny tiny, but had so many flowers!
Plain haworthias, but  oh, how many admirers. 
 Everything is a bit blushed from the summer sun.
 There were really many orchids as well.

 I am still into tilandsias (on the left)-air-plants.

 Look at those roots!
 These are all orchids. Again, some funny situations here. 
Some people would comment that these don't look like real orchids. Meaning, that actually heavily hybridized phalaenopsis is a real orchid. Or at least they think that's how all orchids look like. 
 Tiny tiny orchid blossoms.
 A real man around here...
 Heavy work for the organizers and participants-multiple interviews.
 A beautiful caudex of a cyclamen.
 This was my favorite place today. Succulents.
 And here. I even recognized some of my plants I have sold to my friends. They looked huge. I felt a tiny sting of regret...
 And here. All he different shapes and colors. Same species can have so many variations .

 Fuzzy cacti are very strange. Are they soft to touch, or are there thorns under that hair do?
 It was so red. Can not really see it in the photo.
 All the pots are made by the owner of all these plants.
I saw some ladies getting very interested in those cups.

I hope you had a nice tour. 
Good night.

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Anonymous said...

It blew my mind. Plants and flowers in Lithuania looks stunning! :)