Thursday, March 20, 2014

Am I starting something?

I got inspired by very talented friends again! I haven't started drawing just yet, but I have an idea about opening a shop on Etsy. Hopping people will be interested in my art.
This photo was taken last July. I just had my baby and my face was still in a bad shape. I wouldn't say it's much better now. Even though I can close my eye and it doesn't need to be taped shut for the night, I still can't blink voluntarily and it wouldn't lubricate. Which is mostly why I have avoided drawing or working a lot on PC. Though I read books and watch films in great amounts. But it's so much different, that trying to work with lines and different shades of color. 
I hope I can take up driving again any time now. But I'm a bit scared. What if I need to have eye drops while I'm on the road? I wish there were eye sprays!

Oh, and I also got my self a new hat. A fedora. Should probably post under the My style label...

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