Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Just another day

Finally the ceropegia woodii seedpod has opened. The seeds have parachutes! 

I have started selling my plants full speed now. Probably will have to remove "My plants" link from the blog. Or maybe not. It could stay there as a nice memory.

I remember when I was completely submerged into the searching/buying fever. It really was true hunting.
But it was probably my biological clock ticking and I desperately needed to take care of something or someone. I was also looking for adopting a cat...
Now, when I have got a child this urge to buy every plant on the planet has subsided greatly. 
I will still have lot of interesting stuff left though. But I better concentrate on collecting just a couple of species. Like haworthias and gasterias. And ceropegias...and adromischus. I also want to keep my mini ferns, and air plants, and a couple of orchids that never fail to blossom a couple of times a year.
Oh my...

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