Friday, November 23, 2012

Tail gliding

Some drawings of strange animals. 
Man, it's difficult to draw by hand, cause each time I make an error I want to press ctrl+z!
I spent a whole week in Tallinn last week. 6 days of animation films in the festival "Animated Dreams". Most of the films haven't left an impression that lingers for long.
But there were a few that I was looking forward to see since I've seen trailers last year!
I somehow manage to visit Tallinn during the grey season. Well, probably the best time to spend all evening in a cinema.
A few trailers of the films that one some prizes in the festival:

and the Estonian one.

I was really happy to see :


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

gražūs gražūs gražūs padarai ! jei ne paslaptis , su kokia programa dirbi ? ar čia ranka ir skeneris padirbėjo ?

Reda said...

Aciu. Lapes ranka kurtos, paskui skenuotos. O verselis piestas piestuku, paskui atsviestas ir tada jau naudota tokia technika, kai terpentinu trini ta atsviesta lapa, kol atsispaudzia piesinys. Paskui, aisku, skanavau , kad cia ikelti.