Thursday, October 25, 2012

One day marathon

 Yesterday was a very very busy day.
I got a package from Italy, containing lovely plants. I can't wait to show the off.
And four plant loonies drove around all day, visiting each others homes. To see other people's plants, of course!

 I hope to come back with the names. 
Cacti is Terra incognita to me.

 Sun flower seeds . That's how they show up-with their shell upside down!
 So froglike!

 Lithops seedlings. A day will come when they'll have to be separated and put into their own pot each.

 Will it be possible to tare them apart???
 Ah, lithops Rubra. I had no luck growing this one.
 Somebodies naked behind is sticking out!
 The world of tiny plants...

Adenium seedlings.
Two opuntias. I really like the one on the left. But I was told it's horrible to just go by. Hundreds of tiniest thorns bite into ones skin with even the slightest touch.

 Isn't it heavenly?


mirattes said...

Ojej kiek groziu!!!!

iz said...

what a beautiful cactus garden!