Saturday, September 29, 2012

The show

Here are some photos from the plant show, opened to public until tomorrow evening.
Most of the pix are take before the opening. Otherwise one could see only backs of the visitors.

On the left-Psychopsis Papilio orchid.  I can't wait for mine to bloom as well. On the right -a blooming astrophytum cactus.
Astrophytum cactus.
 The orchid room.
 I really like the colors of this cattleya forbesii.
 A fat fat tillandsia.
 An orchid and the wall of tillandsias for sale.
 One mean orchid...
 More orchids and tillandsias. And a monstera!
 The corner of sanpaulias.
 The maple collection.
 The colorful corner.

 A collection of astrophytum cacti.

 The swamp. Unfortunately it was too dark for my cam to take photos of some of the most amazing plants.
 The table of the mesembs :-)
 A titanopsis.
 The cacti hall.
 This one is so beautiful.  Just look at the shapes and colors!
 Ceropegia armandii.  A true beauty.
 Senecio Articulatus and aloes.

 The succulent and Caudiciform room. My favourite.
 This is my composition in the show.
 A collection of stamps. Very lovely!
 The wonders of the desert.
 I'm in love with gasterias.
 Look at that composition of echeverias!
 That cristata form on the left is crazy! A road through Mexican desert.
 A collection of mesembs. 
 A very nice lenophyllum guttatum.
 The jury taking a look at my composition.
 Elephants foot and zebra finches.
 Can you see any faces?

 Giving an interview for the TV.
 Haworthia nigra.
 The most original composition winner.
 Me, looking around in the kiosk. And a beautiful astrophytum.

Good night. 
See you tomorrow there?

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kalnietyte.l said...

Sitas Astrophytum cactus panasus i kaleidoskopa :)