Friday, September 14, 2012

Plants the birds are after

 I've heard that some birds start picking at the plants, kept outside. Birds like tits. But my army of green has never experienced any kinds of attacks, except for bugs. 
And guess what. Today I witnessed not only not only a couple of great tits, but also some smaller brown bird (more a forest dweller I guess) going for the mesembs. The funny thing is that those plants look like they look to protect themselves from herbivores.  I have probably payed too little attention to build a more suitable environment for them. But there were stones in the pot. Try to find all the plants yourself! 
Those cheeky  birds are far more observant than some goat.
 Anyways, as you know, there's a plant show coming up. And I would like to include these pots into a group composition of living stones. But it's not OK if the plants are half eaten. Luckily only one got punctured. 
 The logical thing would be to bring the pots inside. But then the plants won't get enough sun through the window glass. The beautiful shades of red will eventually fade. I don't want that to happen!
So, here's the solution. It's a bird cage. To keep the little criminals outside.

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mirattes said...

Labai gera idėja išsaugoti grožius :) Pirmame vazone ten kažkokia krokodilo akis auga.. buuu tokia