Monday, September 10, 2012

Earth art

One half of the Saturday was spent in the botanical gardens near Vilnius (Kairėnai).There was an opening of Land and Environmental Art exhibition "Identity".

This one here was smart. Reminded me of oil paint in the sink, full of water at painting classes.

 Most of the artwork was fun. Sometimes one had to look for it. I regret I haven't taken a picture of two trees with their roots exposed.
 The whole pond was surrounded by a huge braid, made of water plants. On the right-though the piece was interesting, the spongy thing on the tree was looked at much longer.
 These balls here were bouncing in the wind as hell. 
 And guess the name of this one. Yeah: "And the hills have eyes"...

 The one on the left was a bit disturbing. And on the right-"Tricolor". A Lithuanian flag comes to mind when one reads the name. We weren't mistaken.
There it is...

And a piece of art made by the nature itself. 

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