Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The history of Barbie

 An author of a blog I follow just moved to Gothenburg. I started feeling somewhat sentimental. So I started looking through my older photos from Sweden. 
I found these from a Barbie (from the beginning until now) show in  Mölndals Stadsmuseum in 2009.
 I had never had a Barbie. It was really hard to get one during soviet times and even at the beginning of our independent lives.

 The oldest dolls were the coolest. the clothes maybe didn't have the perfect fit, but the make up was superb!

On the right-the first Barbie sold. From 1959. She's sooo pretty!
And you know what's his name (on the left)...But I think he looks much like Lithuania's contribution (Jeronimas Milius) to Eurovision 2008.

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