Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Waiting for the holidays

I visited the Sunday flea market here in Vilnius. 
These are the few things from a bunch I have found there.
Postcards for different occasions.
The oldest one is from 1966! It's the brownish one with a snowdrop/clock. And it was so exiting to find out that it has been designed by one of my professors at the academy (by Jonas Gudmonas).
Then there's that odd the 8th of march card from 1970 by A. Kazakauskas.
All other 4 ones are wishing us A Happy New Year. It's difficult to image right now, but Christmas was banned during The Soviet times. Of course many people celebrated it anyway. Secretly. One could get in trouble for this.

And this wonderful pin. Also a Soviet design. I couldn't decide which one to take. This one or the one with a white swan flying trough the rays of Sun.
Considering my love for deer...

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Dreams and Lights said...

Deja, man nepasisekė jame sudalyvaut.. Labai superinė sagė!