Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How I know the spring is on it's way

It must the approach of the spring. All these bugs...
Otherwise I'm worried that the large number of plants and hence the huge amount of soil has served as a hotel for different kind of critters.
Look at the cutie above. I swear, I've almost licked it off off the back of my hand. I thought it was a dot of jam from the breakfast.
It's a velvet mote, but where did it come from? 
 Another amazing find-a live spider outside my window. I am sure it wasn't there yesterday, so it can't be a frozen corpse from the last summer. How could it even get there? It's cold outside!
My boyfriend told me he once found a spider outside on snow in -15 degrees Celsius. It was still moving, but in extreme slow motion. The thing was probably screaming in it's tiny head. 
Not a bug, but still interesting. Only small birds come to nibble on this fat. It really must be the hunger of the end of the winter that brought this jackdaw to my balcony.


fillthecity said...

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gunilla said...

good thing you didn't eat that spider!
beautiful pictures and beautiful blog!
just started following :)