Sunday, January 15, 2012

Orchid seminar no.2

 Haha, you can totally see what I'm interested in at the moment.
When I look  at my photos under "My style" tag,  I become ... sad. I really don't like most of them. First of all, I need a new camera and I need to get out. Cause these photos at home are so boring and ... ugly. Yes, ugly.
But anyway. I'm not so much into clothes right now anyways. 
Plants plants plants. Films, drawing, eating, walking and travelling is what is important and of interest right now!

And about this post. It's a second seminar about orchids for me. It was held today.
The orchidarium You see belongs to one very fun lady. She probably has the greenest fingers of all the people I've ever met.
I'm not sure if You remember, but I've posted pics of her cacti and succulents earlier.

You see a tiny orchid  Taeniophyllum  (also called Pin head orchid, minute orchid, leafless orchid , tapeworm orchid).  The species in the genus are small to very small leafless epiphytes with flattened green roots which contain chlorophyll and have taken over the photosynthetic role of the leaves. The leaves are reduced to minute, overlapping scales covering the stem apex. The flowers of the species are very short-lived, they are mostly greenish-white to yellow
And there is a flower spike coming!

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Akvilina said...

Manjakiški apsėdimai yra liux! Būti specialistu tame, kas patinka - irgi! Nesiteisink! Gerai varai!