Thursday, December 1, 2011

I at home!

OK, since people are still writing to me and asking to either bring coins or send them a postcard, I feel obliged to post especially for my coming home occasion!
Maybe it's my fault: I haven't specifically told, that I'm back in Lithuania. But I'm pretty sure I've mentioned it somewhere. Possibly in the post about my trip back through Malaysia. Oh, and if I remember right, one post is named "Honey, I'm home". 
Or somebody is too lazy to read more than one post? 
Anyway, I have been in Eurasia, Europe, the Baltic's, Lithuania, Vilnius, at home for about two weeks now.
I'm really glad to be back. I somewhat enjoy the weather (I'm more prepared than in Australia), and even the 2 hours long day is OK, but one thing bugs me anyway-people in supermarkets. Stop breathing on my neck, stop pushing me! RELAX!

That's about it... 
I'm off to finish watching a film . " 50/50".

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