Thursday, November 10, 2011

Travelling further. Day 2.

 We leave the windy peninsula and head for the Great ocean road.  We spot a bunch of freezing avocets on the way
 Our first hot meal-on a portable gas stove. A great thing when open fires are prohibited from the first of November due to fire ban. Seems odd to me since we have been freezing and experiencing rain showers all the time.
 One of the giant things we have come across. Very american, isn't it?
 Bottle brush flowers, frequently visited by honey eaters.

 New Holland Honeyeater. Scientific name: Phylidonyris novaehollandiae.

 Laurius, sneaking up on a couple of birds. I have more pics of him doing this. Coming later.

 Mount Gambier blue lake.

Situated in one of three extinct volcanic craters, the Blue Lake exposes the crystal clear water that has filtered underground through the limestone, passing slowly beneath the city.
Each year in November the lake starts its colour change from winter steel blue to brilliant turquoise blue and then in March changes back to steel blue.

Stay tuned as we have returned home from our camping adventure.

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