Monday, November 21, 2011

Honey, I'm home!

I'm back in Lithuania. The trip went OK, it's just it took me longer than going to Australia. I had 9 hours of waiting in Kula Lumpur, so I took a train into the city. But later about that.
I'm experiencing a major jet lag.  It feels like standing on a rocking ship. I can't do much. Except for unpacking, washing and posting this post.
I want to continue posting in the right order, so expect some more pics from Australia!
 And now-plenty of photos from two days at the Innes National park (South Australia).

We stayed on Shell beach. Very true, as You can see!
 It was a nice warm day.  I wish I got into the water right away, cause it got colder the next day.

 A bench - a real luxury! This is the place where we got most mosquito and sand fly bites. Also a couple of tics hitch hiked home with us. It appears I'm a good tic remover!
I also saw my first larger spider here. A huntsman.
And Luka and me almost tripped over a kangaroo here! They were sneaking up behind us in the dark.  Each time you wash your hands at the rainwater collector, there's a kangaroo sitting in the bushes (like one meter away!) to get some drops of that precious water. 
A bad quality pic, but at least you can see how close was a kangaroo piece-fully grazing. With a joey by it's side!
 A caterpillar pretending to be a snail! I touched it's "antennae" and it mimicked the snail going into it's shell! Really cool!

Sun burned succulents.
 The shell beach... 
 Laurius has spotted something!
 This has been the longest sneak so far.
 The object! The Sooty Oystercatcher, Haematopus fuliginosus.
 The sunset. Our last one as it got too cold the rest of the trip.

 We drove around the Innes national park for sightseeing. Flies were our constant companions. Thanks god they weren't the biting kind.
 See the flies on my back? Only a few, because it was really windy up there!

 A small plant. Probably some kind of succulent. What else would survive in these harsh conditions!
 A bigger one. 
 Nature's own horizontal bonsai!

Small trees and large aloes!
 This is emu's poo. It was everwhere!  Not ugly at all cause of all the seeds. Sorry for this one :-)
 How on Earth did these snails got up there? I mean a top of a hill, where the wind blows like crazy. Have they been blown up here?
 Emu babies. We decided they look a bit like gorillas!
 And now-more of bugs and birds.
The Silver Gull (Chroicocephalus novaehollandiae).

The incredibly big Pacific Gull (Larus pacificus).

 Angry Silver gull. Mine mine mine!

This one was so cold it couldn't move anymore. I didn't touch it wings, it was enough to put a hand under it's feet and voila!
 Innes National park trading post and a petrol station.
 We had some veggie burgers here. I hate falafel since then...
 In a phone booth in the middle of nowhere...
 Some emu portraits.
 A small jelly fish.
 And a large one. Luka doesn't like swimming in the ocean. There are waves, sharks, and most important of all-jelly fish. And there is the box jelly fish-the extremely deadly creature!
 Can you believe these kangaroo balls??? How is it to jump for him?
 It's perfect for your honey moon, said the add next to this building here! But there were no windows...

 Dolphin beach, Innes national park.
 The water had that beautiful turquoise color. And it  was  a perfect place to snorkel, but ahh, it was too cold.
 Pfff, girls on a beach!

 Some other bays and beaches of Innes national park. It was sooo windy here it required a sign like this. We didn't climbed down to check out a shipwreck. It scared us off.
 On the West Cape (near the lighthouse). It felt as if you could be blown away any second.

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