Saturday, October 8, 2011

Party animals

Oh, what an odd night. We went out yesterday. Visited one spot, called Gorky. Made a round to other places as well and came back where we've started.
What a colorful bunch of people. Apart from the mandatory trendy kids there was a large group of older women. We called them the pedagogues. Then there were two couples of even older people. 
Trashy bohemians or something. They started sort of making out 
towards the end. Not a beautiful sight, believe me. And the music
was mostly rock. Like AC/DC. Then there was this impossible to 
tell what year rock. Not fun, unfortunately. 
Well, at least we saw some extremely characteristic faces and 
dancing styles.
These older sketches illustrate the last night perfectly!

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Bantik said...

Taip taip maciau sita vaizda:))) ir greit pabegau.