Saturday, October 15, 2011

More more more!

 I have been telling You (or more to myself, probably) I've got no more space for new plants. I've even started rejecting some plants I had been offered! But after visiting people, collecting plants much longer than me, I came to conclusion that I have plenty of space left. Ha ha!
So, many many newcomers. I post just a few pics, I don't want you to get bored.
Above-baby dioscorea elephantipes. Look how it looks when it's all grown up.
 A new orchid - macodes petola, I think. It's leaves shimmer in the light!
 The moving stones are back from the balcony-under the lamp. In front- a new gasteria. I could touch it  all day long. It has some massaging quality to it's leaves :-)
 Same view from above. You can also see some cuttings growing in their tiny pots. On the left- a new sedum . Don't know which one yet. BUt they are all very cute and colorful.
 Another orchid-ludisia discolor. Just not sure which one exactly. It's one of the jewel orchid. A jewel indeed. The leaves are also shimmering as if covered in diamond dust.
It was still in blossom when I got it. But I've cut the flower off. It somehow seemed it's too much for it, to be reppoted and in bloom at the same time. And it had to be reppoted in this time of year , unfortunately.

 Cute cute cute monanthes polyphylla! Look at the size of it!
 I hope it covers the whole pot some day.
 Oh, and have I told you, I got very interested in caudiciform plants. Otherwise called Fat plants . They are something special. This one is a  Schizobasis intricata. The first plant in this blog is also a Fat plant :-)I've got a couple more of these babies, but I'll introduce them to you later.

Have a nice Saturday night!

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