Monday, October 24, 2011

Feeding the animals

I got my 2 month late birthday present today! We had a downhill bike ride with a stop at the Cleland park.
I will write and post more pictures about the ride tomorrow.
Today You can see some residents of the park.
I've never seen the  Eurasian Coot,Scientific name: Fulica atra so close. Look at it's foot!
All kinds of ducks.
And so tame kangaroos that children treated them as if they were some large cats. I think cats are even more intolerant.
If one pulls hand away, the animal grabs it and holds in place. The chin is so soft!
Meet mister potoroo. Kangoroo/rat like animal. Also with very soft chin. Tiny mouth and funny funny expression. It's front paws move away from each other when standing erect and breathing. I wish I've taken a photo-would have been a great gif!

More eating going on.

 Red-browed Finch. Scientific Name:   Neochima temporalis.

A Small Red kangaroo. A bit scary in the beginning. It's a large animal after all.
All young males.

A wallaby. I think, it has something in it's pouch.

Reda, Luka, Laurius and Steve.
I know, it's a ridiculous photo, but it's so surreal...
A wild koala. Equally surreal.

The man on the left-our bicycle tour guide.
I didn't really dare to feed the emus. Scary birds. They made a strange sound all the time.