Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fish and mean plants

 OMG! What is this romantic beautiful picture doing here?!
First, this is my hair before getting a new haircut. Again!
Or..was it a  long time ago ?
Second, I want to have an aquarium, full of fish!
Third, if that comes true, I will completely be a father's girl.
It took me 32 years to realize how similar we are.
My dad owns one loud Rose-ringed Parakeer, an aquarium and many plants!
Unfortunately, I think, I don't have space for an aquarium. And even if I did find some, I might be moving abroad some time in future.
 Oh, and this is a new family member. I got it  for an exchange for another young plant. Meet mister Euphorbia lactea "White Ghost"!
It's still very small, but looking somewhat mean already. You can see a few tiny white leaves on it in the photo below.

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Akvilina said...

Tobula sukuosena!!!! Nieko negalima keisti!! :))