Sunday, September 4, 2011

Colorful creatures and crying sponges

I spent all day walking in woods today. I walked around town Aukštadvaris and visited Devil's hole while my darling and his team were digging like moles in hills near by. Downhill competition will be held there next weekend.
Lot's of interesting things!  And so colorful. So I present them to You by colors...
Blue with his poo.
Grey and flat.
White and double.
make a gifs
White and shaky.
Red. (Liet. purpurinis plokščiavabalis (lot. Cucujus cinnaberinus)).
Same brown.
And these are imaginary animals: a pangolin and a Common adder.
 Sponges are acting weird. Is it too humid even for them?
 Can You see a duck's face?

 I must know what these funny fungus things are!!! I will probably find out eventually. I just couldn't wait, I really wanted to share these images with You. 
Mark the tiny blue thing on the left...

Additional text today:
I think I found what these are. Slime mold. Perhaps Stemonitis splendens.
Look at these stunning images!

An odd blossom - berry. Also need a name...


GinCherry said...

nerealu...kiek fakturu kiekvienoj nuotraukoj

Akvilina said...

O wowowowww! Nu ir lobiai!! Isskyrus tas varlytes... :)

Reda said...

GinCherry, ačiū!
Akvilina, taip ir jaučiaus-lyg radusi lobį. Bet varlės tokios fainos, net ta rupužytė...