Sunday, August 21, 2011

New plants and old plants

I like this combination  a lot! All possible colors and shapes. The ball like plant is called Euphorbia obesa and it is a male. Unfortunaltely, only one flower emerged this summer...

 My phalaenopsis orchid is covered in blossoms again. I've heard people calling this color mutation for a cow. Because of the spots, of course.
 The fern on the far right is  a new addition to this company. This is the corner that is slowly becoming a jungle.
 It could be a Cotyledon orbiculata 'Oophylla. But some skinny kind :-D

And another new plant. Everybody knows it. Because every grandma has it at their home. It's a zebrina pendula-a wandering jew. Don't ask me why.
Anyway, I snatched it from somebody's grandma at the local market. For just a symbolic price. 
If the plant gets enough light, it's leaves turn nicely violet. Really colorful. 

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