Thursday, July 14, 2011

Market news

I went  to a local market yesterday. Carried a huge bag full of salad, berries and plants.
One old guy from Kaunas was selling these gorgeous ceropegias. This one here is  a ceropegia woodii variegata. I'm not sure where to place it.
The first one is a Senecio rowleyanus - a string of pearls. It fits pretty well with Fröken Julie by my friend Alius .

 Blackberries and raspberries.
 Something for the birds as well-cucumbers and salads. They can't believe their eyes each time they see it. And if I introduce them to some new sort of salad (especially some brownish one),  it takes ages before they dare to even get closer. And the cucumber always gets  attacked  immediately.

 I've fattened up my old ceropegia with a new one. Just the climbing rack is not a pretty one. A round one would fit better, but I'm not  sure I can untangle the plant .
An  Aechmea fasciata. They say, if You want it to blossom, place it in a plastic bag together with a cut ripe apple. 
And Goethe  could not write if he had no rotten apple in his desk. He says thoughts emerged in his mind only after he looked at the rotten apple!

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