Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ceropegia exchange

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Plant exchange is going on. 
A tiny bit of
Ceropegia sandersonii has arrived by post from Kaunas today. A bit of other kind of ceropegia, ceropegia woodii will soon be travelling from Vilnius to Kaunas.
There are two things that I can rely on if I seek a fast relaxation. Watching my birds and plants. I am not kidding. Especially if the birds are preening. Watching the activity makes me kind of soft and even sleepy. I don't know why!
I wish yoga helped, but I just can't take the breathing. Too horrible. I don't mind standing on hands, or doing other heavy stuff (I'm extremely inflexible person), but cons-training your breathing while doing it is too  sadistic for me.


Jovita said...

Koks fainas gifas :)

Reda said...

Galeciau visus irasus gifinti, bet dar neradau, kur patogiai didelis gautusi. Cia diziausias, koki galejau padaryti.. Gal zinai kokia nuoroda, kur didelius leidzia ? :-D