Friday, May 5, 2017

Guinea pig star wars.

 Hello. These are our guinea pigs. Hakuna and Matata. Roughly translated their names would be No and Worries. I am pretty sure which one is Worry. The brown one. Hes is much shyer.
 I have seen so many guinea pig crazy people while reading about their care on internet. It seems piggies are the big thing!
 And I understand why. They are funny, very social, demanding food, loving food, loving you through food. Did I mention they love food?
Although these two are brothers they fight a bit too. Or they don't even fight, but do occasional stand offs. Like above.
 The clear winner is No!
They have been very shy and would not even eat the first couple days, also skitter as soon they see a movement. Now they eat from our hands and let us touch them inside their cage.  They are not used to floor time yet. They just run off to their home.

I think I will have to create a separate account on Instagram for all my pets!

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