Wednesday, April 26, 2017

News from the animal world

Hello, we have many small news. Well, for us they are huge! At last after 3 years of animal absence we have got pets in our home!
 The first were four baby New Guinea stick insects. The ones above. They will grow larger than a woman's palm and will have a rather intimidating looks. 
 Later we got 4 insects more, but this time they are the funny looking Vietnamese walking sticks. Hanna likes to feed them by hand. And man, they eat fast and much!
Handling insects requires care and patience. I think it's great for teaching kids to be gentle with animals.

Just before we got the walking sticks I bought a young pair of Java finches. I used to have a very inquisitive couple. These here are still reluctant to leave their cage. But the male has the most wonderful song! 
The newest addition to our "animalarium" are two baby Guinea pig brothers. They are still very skittish, but I don't mind taming them.  My biologist gene can now manifest!
Hanna also helps me with the process. Actually the piggies started coming out of their hiding place when I read goodnight books to Hanna.
Today I realized that there's no escaping from the thing known as parent expectations. I never had any thought on what Hanna would become. And suddenly today I imagined how nice it would be if she became some kind of animal or plant researcher, preferably in some exotic place. Talk about a parent projecting her unfulfilled dreams onto the kid!
Anyway, this is not the end. I have reserved a Cornish rex kitten and hopefully it's joining us in June. There's a fish tank in my plans too. I tell everybody, since I can never have a dog (due to dog allergy), even if you put all our animals in one spot, they wouldn't make a full medium dog! And I wanted a standard poodle...
I just thought, this is what I always wanted, why constrain myself. Especially, when I have Hanna as a excuse :-D
By the way, it seems I am a person who makes her Guinea pigs fleece caves and tunnels... These two here are the only ones with names. Hanna named them Hakuna and Matata...


Gabija Jankauskaite said...

O pudeliai gi hipoalerginiai! Nors turbūt jeigu stipri alergija- nesvarbu.

Reda said...

Ne, tai mitas. Žmonės alergiški ne plaukams, o proteinui, kuris yra seilėse, šlapime, pleiskanose. Nėra hipoalerginio katino , anei šuns... Mėginau gyvent kartu su Briuselio grifonu, tiesiog neįmanoma, beveik smegenis iščiaudėjau. Ir akys užtino. Manau, ir astma ne už kalnų būtų... :-(