Friday, April 26, 2013


 Our home is full of awakening life.  Lots of succulents and orchids are either already in bloom or preparing.
Above-gasteria sp. flower.
By the way, a note to myself, for future. Not to wash the windows until the trees have stopped blossoming.Everything is covered in yellow pollen during that period. 
 Echeverias blushing.
My tiny big bird collection. And a mysterious pot. I've got no idea ho to use it.
 Maxilliaria tenuifolia orchid again. Three blossoms in full bloom. More coming. The smell's almost unbearable.
And the birds finally got their nest. They used to put pieces of paper, food and feathers into the bathing basin. Each morning I had to toss out that papier-mâché they tried to make the previous day.
But like each year, as soon as the more fitting nest is in the cage, fighting starts. Probably they are so eager to sit on their six eggs, they fight about it! So in about 3 weeks tiny worm-like birds will emerge. And after 2 months from there, the chicks will be grown enough to be separated from the parents. Nice (probably crested) Society finches anyone? :-)
 My wardrobe is becoming increasingly stripy. We all know the stripes make one look optically bigger. In my case that's not a problem at all!

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