Sunday, February 17, 2013

Walking smelt

Smelt is on the move (walking). An expression used by people along the coasts of Lithuania. 
Smelt is a small fish, which has a very distinct smell of fresh cucumbers. Isn't it wonderful?
I apologize and thank the fish for their smell and softness each year I prepare them.

The first time I knew I ate smelt was in this cozy restaurant  by the Curronian Lagoon a few years ago. Yummy!
We noticed a scrap from a Lithuanian newspaper on our way out. Framed and hung on a wall. The chef of the place stood next to Gérard Depardieu. We continued on reading. The star has visited this little place and had enjoyed the food! What are the odds of him, coming to a such a remote place?

Hm. Rather unaesthetic post. Well, what ever, I say!
Food (mostly eating it) is my new hobby now...


mon said...

Mes šiandien taip pat ragavom šviežių stintų, vakar pargabentų iš Palangos. Skanumėlis! :}

Akvilina said...

Aš tik prieš metus pirmą kartą paragavau, ir tai per prievartą... IR KAIP PATIKO!!!