Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Flea Festival part 2

 More photos from the Flea Festival 2012. Everybody had a great time! And I heard a couple walking and having a conversation. I overheard them say: Oh, and it's such a positive festival...
Photographs by Goodlife photography. Visit their website. Thanks guys!
 There would have been no cozy feeling if not for all the people selling something. There was a maze of things hanging in the trees and laying on the grass.

 A strange thing: I haven't come across a picture of the lake yet. It was one of the best attractions and views there!

 There wasn't that much trash laying around the next morning. People behaved themselves rather well :-)


 The entrance. 
 The map. The area the festival was covering was rather big. One had to walk around the field of crops in order to reach the camping ground.

 On the right-the spa.

See the colorful things in the middle? They are made of colored wire. I think, 70's stuff. And I regret a bit I didn't buy that fruit/biscuit bowl on a leg.
More photos here.


GinCherry said...

Tos nertos geles tai kazkas nuostabaus...

labai smagus festivalis atrodo :) Kur jis vyko? :)

Reda said...

Taip, labai smagu buvo. Toks čilautas. Už Varėnos pora km jis vyko.

Rūta said...

Bet tai nuotrauku gražumas - neišpasakytai jaukiai viskas atrodo!