Monday, June 25, 2012

John? John!

Probably the best Midsummer/John's day in a long time! 
We had a real John with us. Who had a pseudo pagan wedding.
There were fire, dances, great food, drinks, a lake, a boat, a huge forest and berries. Also a dog and a cat.
Everybody had a run in the woods at night. Looking for the fern blossom. But it wasn't just a chaotic running around. No! We had tasks to fulfill, walk in certain directions with a flashlight and stuff. A true orientation sport. 
There's a tiny fire burning somewhere.
The newlyweds.
As one might guess-the wedding cake.

A temporary dog school. I am trying to draw the dog's attention while he's supposed to sit and not pay any attention to me. Works just a bit.

The Norwegian goat cheese. With freshly baked waffles and jam!
Joggling lessons. I never got to three balls...
The last day was for digesting and sleeping. 

The first blueberries this year. 

And the first walk outside for a certain member of the family.


Nakvischa said...

Nuostabios nuotraukos. Žaluma ir gyvūnai. Pasmalsauji, pasidairai ir taip šilta palieka. Geros emocijos užtaisas :}

Akvilina said...

Pasakiskai kazkaip. As kazkaip va taip jonines ir isivaizduoju :)

Bantik said...

Aš irgi noriu tokių joninių!
Su twisteriu ir uogom ir gyvunais.

Reda said...

Taip , taip, buvo pasaka!