Friday, February 10, 2012


I wonder why the river hasn't frozen yet? The water seems to be too warm-it's steaming all the time.

I's very cold again... I swear I couldn't fall asleep yesterday. I was worried about birds. I just found out that have probably killed a bird or two...
Let me explain:
if one starts to feed birds in winter, he/she should never let the food place stay empty, because then small birds don't look for food anywhere else and stay close by. If there's no food in your tray, they might die in one day!
So if you're not prepared to refill everyday, better not to start feeding at all.
I think I'm responsible for the death of at least a couple of birds. I've seen them hanging around, checking the cheese. I didn't realize it was so hard (frozen)... And I didn't put any more peanuts.
I don't see these birds anymore. I hope they just flew away to some neighbor.
Well, I've put out more seeds now and I'll go to market tomorrow to buy some raw fat.

Oh, and about robot people...
Come on! There's no ice on the pavement. Not even snow! Why to sprinkle the grit? Probably it's his job. He has to do it no matter what if it's below 0 degrees.

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