Saturday, January 7, 2012

Putting a hairy sock on

 Last december I visited Rūta Kiškytė and her "Hairy sock" Kioskas.
Eglė Xiapin (check out her very special contribute  to the new Hairy sock collection) is browsing through the new catalogue, full of fresh photos by her friend Rasa J.
 Huge collars and necklaces received special attention.  I remember I had a similar necklace of two red bubbles when I was small. Just that thing was like 5 times smaller. Rūta's piece made me feel like child again...
 A collection from another girl who shared the space the same evening. See her tasty stuff at SpindiJewellery !.

 Rūta's jewellery has been exhibited in Melbourne, Australia and the next stop is New York!
 The notorious (for her special/odd/fun/colorful choices) Sussie Bubble likes "Hairy sock" stuff!

 I tried out the gigantic collar. 
 On the work table...
 The quality is amazing! Everything is made with real care. 

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