Friday, January 20, 2012

Postcards traveling

Have you ever heard of post crossing? The idea is that people from all over the world send each other post cards. You never know where You'll have to send the next card, or where you gonna get one from. 
One can write what kind of cards they'd like to receive. 
I love all of my received cards! And I'm running out of magnets!
And it's so much fun to find one in the postbox! Because it's only bills most of people receive nowadays.
Today I got the dinosaur card from Portugal. The sender is the author of the illustration! Simão works in a Dinosaur museum!  How cool is that??? friend of mine couldn't understand why it's fun to receive cards from people you don't know... I think she should try it first :-)

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giedrej said...

ha, turiu tą su briedžiu iš močiutės stalčiau paisvogus.:}}