Thursday, August 18, 2011

Home cinema

One warm quiet evening there was a home made cinema in an overgrown garden. We sat under a web of wild grape garlands. A tall walnut tree was trying to cover both us and the grapes. 
There was a dutch hound, who has never been told he isn't a cat.
There was barbecue food. But also one lucky sausage, prepared with a flamethrower (the meat was wiggling  when touched by the blue flame. A vegetarians nightmare). Much more effective in means of time, but not the cost...
There were low passing (actually-landing) airplanes. 

We watched a Japanese splatter movie. It was hilarious ! I was gonna post the trailer here, but it so completely doesn't fit with these photos by Paulius.
You can check out the trailer yourself. The name of the movie is "Mutant girls squad"...

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